Hello. I'm Craig Rubia.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit means welcome to my site. Not really. But it's part of something I've used in my experience as a graphic designer. I specialize in print and web collateral design, illustration, identity/branding, event and business graphics, as well as sales and marketing support activities. Nulla mattis suscipit risus, eget egestas nunc faucibus vel! That means, "Thanks for stopping by!"

Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.

"Smart Design is the Name of the Game"

Smart Design

I am a baseball fanatic. And in the game of baseball, a batted ball is fair and in play when hit inside the baselines. With graphic design or anything creative, the ball might be played outside the lines. What are we talking about? Well, you hear about "thinking outside the box". An overused quote used by marketing gurus everywhere the practice may ultimately bring designers back to the drawing board for straying too far outside the box. Instead of an edgey solution, it may take a more "smart design" that tells the right story for a company, product, or service. Smart design is an involved process but sometimes less is more.

The Team at Play

You know the competition is watching you. You need to anticipate not only their next move, but also have your plan in place. Using baseball as an example, (Baseball, again!?) the manager seems to get the blame for a loss. But we know that to perform well, one needs a team. Each member of the team serves a specifc role with some roles overlapping. When all players on the squad are focused and working together, your goal is achieved – hopefully with a win!

Social ME-dia

Social Media for marketing still has not been solved. Anyone claiming to be an expert just wants your money. But now, more than ever, tweeting, insta-photos, and video is proving to be an essential marketing tool.

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